Claire Jeanine Satin's "Kanji Book II - A Portfolio" Exhibiting Now in Denver

(April 5, 2017) As part of an exhibition presented by the Abecedarian Gallery, Claire Satin's celebrated "Kanji Book II - A Portfolio" will be exhibited at the Anderson Academic Commons in Denver.  The work features a portfolio of 10 pages created from handmade paper that contains images and Kanji depicting portions of Buddhist chants.

The exhibition opens April 7th and will continue  through June 3, 2017.

"(my)Women In Movement" the Latest Claire Jeanine Satin Project to Exhibit in Italy

As part of an ongoing celebration of the influence of women in the lives of artists, curator Beth Verneer and Design of the Universe will present Claire Jeanine Satin's latest video work, "(my)Women In Movement", a touching tribute to Ms. Satin's mother and other female icons that have inspired the artist's work.  The video will be presented on April 8th at the American Women's Association in Genova, Italy.